Christmastime is here at last

You deserve some sort of a gift for reading this blog.  And so, I’ve an original Christmas song for you, one that’s unlike any other I’ve heard.  It’s supposed to capture a feeling many of us feel around this time of year.

Christmas In O’Hare

I wrote the music, not the lyric, and it’s exceedingly rare that I collaborate with lyricists.  But this has been an odd year in that respect.  In April I was exhilarated to work on a very quick film project with composer Jihwan Kim.  Then I set Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night songs in two distinct musical styles – seven songs in all.  Only two got performed: Dixieland-flavored ones in an Ed Berkeley production set in New Orleans.  I got hired to set other people’s lyrics; one of these was for a drag act.  I also composed a song for DJ Salisbury‘s marvelous play, Perfect European Man, which was in the Fresh Fruit Festival.  Then when Tom Carrozza implored me to take another look at a lyric I’d declined to set years ago, it seems my collaborative wheels were already greased.  I wrote it fairly quickly, then forgot about it.

So, when studio time was being scheduled I said “What song?” because I’d literally forgotten I’d written it.

When I accompany a live singer, there’s always give-and-take with the tempo.  For dramatic effect, performers speed up or slow down, and I go with them.  On this, the singer hadn’t learned the song when we did the recording session, so there wasn’t a well-thought-out rendition with rhythmic freedom to adjust to.  So, to put down a living breathing accompaniment track, I had to provide a vocal.  Eventually, my vocal will be replaced and my accompaniment will turn into some wild orchestration.  But in time for this Christmas, you have me singing to my track.

Let me know how you like it.


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