I gotta fly

I take it you haven’t navigated your way to my Musings On Musicals in search of porn. But you never know. A previous post, on writing incidental music for non-musical plays, mentioned male nudity in passing and generated an unusual amount of traffic to this site…I do not judge.

I do, however, have a surprisingly salacious video for you to feast your eyes on. So, thrill-seeker, it turns out you have come to the right place! And it’s perfectly germane to a discussion of how musicals are promoted in this day and age.

The musical, Catch Me If You Can, ends its Broadway run September 4. I didn’t go out and see it, mainly because of my aversion to the workmanlike but uninspired oeuvre of its songwriters. I became familiar with two of its songs through playing them: both state things in their lyrics over and over again, at length, without a clever turn of phrase or interesting expression. One sounds very much like an early 80’s pop song, which would be all right, I guess, if the show wasn’t set in the 1960’s. So, getting to know these songs proved a disincentive for me to go.

But, these days, producers seek to innovate new ways of capturing an audience. Those viral videos are all the rage, and distribution can be cost-free. Catch Me If You Can took the unusual step of selling itself through a nearly pornographic song and dance video:

Stewardesses sexing up a young pilot: Me likey. And I also like that song, Rumor Has It. So, should I now buy a ticket to Catch Me If You Can?

Holy bait-and-switch, Batman! Rumor Has It, sung by Adele on her chart-topping album, is not a song from Catch Me If You Can. Here, for the first time ever, a new Broadway musical has taken the extraordinary step of advertising itself by using a Top 40 hit that has nothing to do with the show. It’s as if those clever producers read my mind, and could see that using the show’s songs would turn people away.

Should we all get upset about this? File a complaint? I’m not sure… So, I think I’ll just watch that video a few more times.


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