Boom boom

A blog can be a bully pulpit, and many’s the time I’ve fought the temptation to talk about another favorite subject of mine, politics.

If you can’t stand to read another word about the election (albeit totally musical comedy-related), then click here for a far more interesting Backstage article.

Also, I know I’ve a large international readership, which presumably won’t understand all or much of this video.
I had nothing to do with this video, but the main guy, the first singer you hear, is Sean Smith, who starred in my Industrial, The Love Contract.  Industrials are work-for-hire, and I got hired to write a score, not to attend rehearsals.  So I never met Smith.  But he did a damn good job as a character named Robert Redford.

I have a tendency to get self-righteous about certain things.  To wit: If you don’t care what happens to you, you deserve the fate you get.  Those who don’t vote are saying, rather literally, that they don’t care what happens to them.  So vote, damn it!

I’ll get off the soapbox for my next entry.


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